Bob Crow

South Florida Performance Boats and Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats have teamed up in what has proven to be a winning combination.

Partnership Beginnings

In early 2012, Bob Crow went for his first ride in a Nor-Tech 39’ performance center console. “I fell in love with the design, and concept of a top level sport boat oriented center console…quite unique at the time,” said Crow, who is the co-founder of Soflo Boats in Fort Lauderdale. “It was the finest center console I have experienced….both ride and build quality were outstanding, I still remember the smile that early 390 Nor-Tech put on my face.”

Today, his company exclusively sells and represents Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats, which are built in Cape Coral, Fla. “We’re a marketing, sales and managment firm that supports Nor-Tech customers from the clean sheet of paper design process, to sitting on their boat lift, said Crow. We focus on red carpet service with a full time dedicated service manager attached to the clients boats, you have a hotline to a problem solver. It’s a unique, and effective business model. As a company we a proud of what we have achieved to this point, and continuously strive to improve the ownership experience for our boating family.

While the official company name is South Florida Performance Boats, Crow said that his customers came up with the moniker SoFlo Boats and the name has stuck. Moving forward, Crow said that company will be known and marketed as SoFlo Boats….the name just fit us perfectly.

“Nor-Tech can build a center console that runs 100mph like nothing. With the new power options from Mercury and the innovations from the mind of chief designer Nils Johnson, the pairing has changed the way a center console is perceived. This is beyond exciting for the consumer seeing the next level for his love of the water.
Bob Crow
Owner Of SoFloBoats

A Focus On Service

When you’re dealing with owners of luxury yachts, there’s a level of service that’s expected and SoFloBoats have developed a turn-key service program that is key to maintaining good relationships with its customers. Because the facility is located right at the end of 15th Street in Fort Lauderdale near Port Everglades, Bob’s brother Larry Crow, who runs the service department, will meet the owner of a boat that’s coming in for repairs, go over what’s needed and take it from there.

“His job is to make sure that everyone is happy after they buy their boat,” said Bob Crow. “We need to have a high-end interface with the clients after they buy the boats.”

Contact Bob Crow

South Florida Performance Boats is a stocking Nor-Tech Boats dealership with Bob Crow at the helm since 2012. Our many discerning, loyal customers have joined us on a journey to make their dream boats a reality. Contact Bob today to see our selection of Nor-tech center console boats for sale.