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Find out why SoFlo Boats is the #1 rated Nor-Tech Stocking Dealer in the country.

We have worked with Bob Crow (SoFlo Boats) for numerous years, first being purchasing a used Nor-Tech center console.  It was such an easy process even being out of state and everything was exactly as we were told, Bob and his team took care of everything super fast and boat was delivered to Texas within 2 days of us putting our eyes on it.  

Two years later we decided to order a new Nor-Tech center console and without question we knew who to call.  Bob makes the whole process a breeze and listens to what you want and oversees the whole build process from design to delivery.  Trust me when I say Bob makes things happen! 

Jason & Tiffany  | Nor-Tech 340 

We met Bob through a mutual friend who said he was the Nor-Tech guy. That’s a huge understatement. Bob has helped us out so much over past two years with our past and our future Nor-Tech. He also got us hooked up with Pat for storage and maintenance. The two of them make boating in south Florida easy! Can’t thank these guys enough! 

Robby MCAtee: 390 Nor-Tech

Bob, from the time you delivered the boat thanksgiving weekend  I have been on the boat almost every week , except maybe one time we were rained out. I absolutely love the boat. It’s been a great experience working with you from the very first time and when we started to choose a of the options. I truly appreciate all your suggestions that you gave me. It turned out to be better than I ever expected.

Also I want to mention that Larry has been incredible from demonstrating the boat, As well showing me how to dock properly. And how can I forget to mention Pat Sullivan . The guy is incredible. He’s always a phone call away like you and Larry , always there to answer any technical questions. The whole team since going out to the factories. It’s probably been one of the most enjoyable experiences that ever I had buying a big ticket item.

Thanks again, I  appreciate everything

Bill J. | 340 Nor-Tech Sport

Time has flown by already over two years since I’ve purchased my Nor-Tech 450. Bob Crow has been fantastic working with back from going through the process of purchasing the boat to any needs since.  

Communication and response time are super important to me and Bob and his team have been top notch.

-David Long 450 Nor-Tech 

I have been a proud owner of a Nor Tech for a few years. After owning multiple other brands over the years I am 100 percent sure this is the brand for me.  Fast, comfortable, reliable, and a bit exotic. I’m receiving a new one this week and can’t wait.

The other thing about my experience is that the service behind the boat is exceptional. My contact has been Bob Crow and he’s been amazing. Taking calls, answering questions, and being a true partner in building my boat. Between the brand the expertise I’m glad I went with Bob and Nor Tech!

Tom T.  |  390 Nor-Tech

We had an amazing experience working with Bob from the very beginning when we were searching for a boat, right through finding one, buying it, and then getting it ready to bring north from Florida. Even more than that…to now when we are back in Maryland and he still picks up the phone immediately when we call with a question or need advice! Bob is incredibly knowledgeable about all things related to boats and was so helpful to us initially in thinking through how we would use a boat and therefore what we would really need.

Once we identified a boat with his help, he smoothly, efficiently and expediently helped us jump through all the hoops, lining up top notch surveyors, finding a marina for hauling the boat, putting us in touch with all the right people to arrange the paperwork, insurance, and so much more. We were pressed for time to bring the boat north and, as we live in Maryland, we could never have been ready to do the trip if it had not been for Bob and his brother Larry.

Once we got to Fort Lauderdale, after the sale had gone through, Bob already had a team working on the boat to get her ready and then went shopping with us to advise us on all that we would need for the trip and for the boat in general, including the right dinghy, a davit system that worked for her stern, and an electric engine. Bob has become a friend as well as a valued partner in our boating adventure. We have always been able to discuss everything with him and get an honest, unbiased, and informative opinion.

This has been a unique and pleasurable experience working with a true professional who only has our best interests at heart. On the Saturday we cast off from the dock to start our maiden voyage, he turned out of bed at crack of dawn to be there to get a video for us! Bob came to us through a recommendation from my brother who has bought many boats through him over the years and spoke so highly of him. We, in turn, pass on that recommendation – you cannot find a better person!

Brian Berman, MD

No words can really describe our appreciation for the professional services of Bob Crow as a Yacht Broker in listing and selling our Grand Banks 46 Cockpit Motor Yacht. Bob’s numerous years of experience in the yachting industry and his great personality helped us immensely.

No matter what size or kind of boat you have Bob Crow is a boat broker you can trust and has the background experience to find and sell boats. We highly recommend his services.

Glenn & Eddie Tuttle